Wenke vir 'n loopbaan in vervaardiging

Two men with helomets on working at their manufacturing jobs

Vervaardiging is 'n vinnig groeiende bedryf in die VSA. Dit bied baie geleenthede vir intreevlak posisies en langtermyn loopbane. Lees wenke oor hoe jy kan daarin slaag om in vervaardiging.

In my loopbaan, I had the privilege of working with a hard-working team that helps refugees and immigrants get jobs. Most of those jobs were in manufacturing. To a lot of refugees, myself included, the US manufacturing environment can be a little scary in the beginning. This is because it is fast-paced. Maar, once the employee becomes used to that environment, things become a lot easier. If you are interested in a rewarding career in manufacturing, here are some things to consider:

Improve your English language skills

In my interactions with employers, I heard this advice many times. Working in manufacturing is becoming more automated. It requires the employees to interact with machines and read manuals to troubleshoot a problem. Dit is belangrik om te learn more English. Doing that might get you a higher-paying job or get more of a supervisory role in the factory.

Be willing to learn new skills

Employers are often looking for employees that have a natural talent to learn new skills. If the supervisor asks for employees that are willing to learn how to operate a new machine, take advantage for such opportunities. Cross-trained employees have a higher value for the company. It might also open up an opportunity for you to become a trainer for new employees.

Pay attention to details

Do your work at a safe pace and pay attention to details. Manufacturing is a fast-paced environment and requires attention to details at all times. Mistakes can be costly to the company. They can also affect your coworkers. Jobs as quality control or team leader are often given to the most dependable person on the team.

Take steps to avoid injuries

Safety is the priority of every employee, so be aware of the surroundings. ook, jobs that require the same thing over and over for a long period of time can cause injuries. You might become less careful. So make sure to follow any tips (about proper lifting techniques or safety wear, byvoorbeeld) given during training about ways to avoid injuries. If you get injured at work, it is important to report the injury to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Be dependable

Being on time one of the important things in a job. I have heard from a lot of employers that employees are being fired for poor attendance. It is important that the employee allows enough time before the start of the shift to get himself/herself ready for work. If you are sick and cannot make it to work, tell your manager as soon as you can.

Manufacturing is a big sector here in the USA. It is part of a wide range of industries. Companies are always willing to invest in their employees if they show the potential to learn and develop. A dear friend of mine works in the manufacturing industry. He started a couple of years ago as an entry-level employee, but now he manages over 50 werknemers. His company invested in him and paid for him to get trained because they saw the potential in him. He told me always to take the initiative and make my employer aware of my desires to learn something new that will advance the company. He made a very rewarding career for himself.

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