Volunteer with USAHello

Do you want to volunteer to help new Americans? USAHello is always looking for committed volunteers to join our organization.

Volunteer with refugees - a refugee family from Bhutan has tea.

Volunteer with us!

Интересуват от завършване на доброволец задача в момента? Micro-volunteers can make a difference for our organization by completing short tasks without having to complete an orientation to USAHello or background check.

FindHello app resource entry

Help build USAHello’s FindHello smartphone app database by adding organizations, програми, и ресурси, вие знаете във вашата общност и около САЩ. Ако вече не знам на програми, просто прекарват малко време правят някои интернет изследвания и го споделите с нас. Нашите служители преглед на всички записи. Можете да добавите нови ресурси на онлайн версия на ап. Просто щракнете върху три хоризонтални линии в ляв ъгъл и изберете “submit resource.

Научни изследвания

USAHello has ongoing research needs to support different sections of our website. Ако имате опит в определена област или просто са наистина добри в намирането на информация в интернет, consider volunteering for USAHello.


USAHello currently needs translators to help translate key portions of our website, включително нашия онлайн гражданство курс, into newcomer languages.

Набиране на средства

Host an event in your community, such as asking a local restaurant to donate a portion of an evening’s proceeds. We will work with you to help set up the event.

Other ideas

Имате ли друга идея на как може да допринесе за нашата организация? Submit an application and let us know.

Как доброволец?

The first step is to apply for one of our ongoing volunteer opportunities is complete our online доброволец заявление.

USAHello will work with you to create a position and set goals for your time with USAHello. USAHello is a volunteer-driven organization and is immensely grateful for the hours and talent they bring. Ние открихме, ни процес помага доброволци са изпълнение доброволец опит. Thank you for your desire to work with refugees and to build inclusive, най-различни общности в целия народ.

Volunteer in your own community

If you are seeking a local opportunity in your own community to help refugees or immigrants, use our FindHello app to find services near you.

Free online course: volunteering with refugees

Take our free online course today to help you understand refugee resettlement and gain skills to work effectively with refugees and othe newcomers.

Добре дошли бежанци към вашата общност

Като член на Общността можете да помогнете добре дошли бежанци на вашата общност.

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