Your child can play games to learn English

Lingokids is a language-learning program that allows children to play games to learn English. You can use it on smartphones and tablets. With USAHello, your children can use LingoKids for free.

young boys with mobile device
Photo: iStock/Juan Monino

Do you know a child who is between 2 and 8 years old and wants to learn English? Lingokids has helped millions of children all over the world learn English.

Usually Lingokids costs $15 a month. USAHello and Lingokids are giving away free classes to immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Find out how to sign up at the bottom of this page.

About Lingokids

Lingokids is an app for phones and tablets. You cannot use Lingokids on a computer. In the app, you will find games to learn English, songs, and videos. There are four levels of learning for children of different ages. Your child can study different topics by playing with the app. There are also alphabet-learning activities and early reading lessons.

You can help your children or they can learn on their own. And you can learn English with your children! There are pages you can print. You can also plan a weekly schedule. You can look at a weekly report to see what your child has been working on.

How to start

For free access, please email us. We will send you a set of instructions and a code to use. We have instructions translated into many languages. If you want translated instructions, please ask.

If you think that your child’s teacher would like to use Lingokids for other children, please suggest they email us. You can also share this news with friends and family who are immigrants, refugees, and asylees. We will give them free access, too.