Depression is a common mental condition. People with depression often experience feelings of sadness and lose interest in activities. Read about the signs of depression and how to get help.

Major depression is when you feel sad every day for more than 2 weeks. It becomes difficult for you to do things you usually do every day. For example, you do not have the energy to get out of bed and brush your teeth. Or you do not have the energy to make breakfast for your children and take them to school.

Symptoms of depression

If you have depression, you can also feel and experience some of the following:

  • crying a lot
  • no energy
  • feeling very tired
  • sleeping too much or not being able to sleep
  • eating too much or not wanting to eat
  • having a hard time paying attention
  • thinking about killing yourself
  • not enjoying activities you used to like
  • feeling guilty or bad even though you did not do anything wrong

You can feel depressed for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • You lose your job or you cannot find a job.
  • Someone close to you dies, like a family member or a friend.
  • You had a baby.
  • You are a victim of a crime.
  • You become very sick.
  • Some medicine can make you feel depressed.
  • Your family has a history of depression.

You can get help if you have depression. For example, if a family member dies, you will probably feel sad. But if you feel sad, are sleeping too much, or do not want to eat for more than 2 weeks, you can talk to your doctor about different ways to help.

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