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January 21, 2021

Biden Administration signs 17 executive orders

President Biden was sworn into office yesterday. His administration signed 17 executive actions including expanded coronavirus response, the environment, workplace protections, regulation and immigration.  The six orders impacting immigration are: Repeal the travel ban (also known as the “Muslim ban”).  Extend protection from deportation and work authorization for Liberians under the DED program until June ... Read more

January 21, 2021

President Biden introduces U.S. Citizenship Act

President Biden proposes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Here’s what you need to know. On January 20, President Joe Biden presented the U.S. Citizenship Act, a bill he will send to Congress to reform our immigration system. A major piece of this proposal is to provide a pathway to citizenship to over 11 ... Read more

January 14, 2021

New GED course in Spanish

USAHello is proud to offer its GED course now completely in Spanish including instructional videos! Last year over 29,000 students enrolled in our free, online GED courses. This year, students of any age can prepare for the GED with lessons, videos, diagrams, and quizzes all in Spanish! It is 100% free of charge (and free ... Read more

January 8, 2021

USAHello statement and resources on Capitol riots

We at USAHello join millions across the country in condemning violence and standing for a peaceful transfer of power. We believe in the potential of our nation to be a beacon of light, and we hope for a brighter future for us all. As many of you have seen in the news, January 6th was ... Read more