Workplace success

There are things you can do at any job to help you succeed and do well at work. Here are 10 tips to help you achieve workplace success, whatever your job.

As soon as you start, do your best work. Show your boss that you are a hard worker so you can get promoted in the future. Here are some other things you can do in any job to achieve workplace success.

1. If you don’t understand, tell your employer

It is okay to not understand something. If you don’t understand, tell your boss. If you need to ask several times, keep asking. If other refugees or immigrants work at your job, you can ask them to help translate for you. American employers are used to questions, especially when you are new. Asking questions shows them that doing a good job is important to you.

2. Always be on time

Being on time is important for workplace success in the USA. For example, if your shift begins at 3:30 pm, you should be at work, dressed and ready to start working by 3:25 pm. Be friendly and say hello to your co-workers when you come in. But do not spend too much time talking to others in the morning. Most Americans start working as soon as they get to their job. 

3. Go to work every day that you are scheduled

Check your work schedule every week and come to work when scheduled. Stay at work until your shift is complete. Do not leave work early without permission. Even if there is an emergency, tell your supervisor (not just a friend) before you leave. When you want to take days off, talk to your boss ahead of time. If you have an appointment, make sure your boss knows when you are leaving and coming back. Some job use calendars (paper or on the internet) to show when everyone is working. If your work uses a calendar, mark the days you have off. Showing up when you’re supposed to is an important part of workplace success.

4. If you are sick, tell your employer as soon as you can

If are sick and need to miss work, you should call your employer before your scheduled work time. Tell them you are sick and need to stay home. Some managers might want you to email or text them. If you are not sure what to do, ask your coworkers. Also, every company had a different number of paid sick days. It is best not to take more than that amount. 

5. Do what your employer says

For workplace success, follow the directions of your boss. The only time you should not do what your boss says is if they tell you to do something illegal. If they ask you to do something you cannot do because of religious or personal reasons, you do not have to do it, but you should explain why. However, remember that it is okay to share your ideas and opinions. Most bosses want to hear from you if you have positive things to share.

6. Make sure you look professional

If you have a uniform, wear your uniform and keep it clean. Wear your uniform the way you were trained to wear it. Make sure to wash your uniform and/or keep it as clean as possible. If you do not wear a uniform, do not wear the same clothes two days in a row. If you are not sure how to dress, look at your co-workers and buy similar clothes. If you have to wear business clothes, make sure they are neat and conservative. Some companies have casual Fridays, which means you get to wear non-business clothes.

7. Help your coworkers and employers

In small businesses, you may be asked to do many different tasks. If you are a cashier in a store, your duties may include cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floor and taking out the trash. If you have a coworker on vacation, you might have to do some of their duties. This type of work is part of being on a team. It is also part of how to be successful at work. If you are a good team worker, your manager will think about that when there are chances for a promotion.

8. Do not gossip

Gossiping is saying negative things or telling private things about other people. This is always a bad idea at work and will not lead to workplace success. If you are having a hard time working with someone, talk to that person. Try to figure out how you can get along. If they do not want to listen to you or if they get angry, tell your manager. He or she may be able to help you talk to each other.

If you feel that someone is harassing you, or their behavior at work is making you feel bad, talk to your manager. They will try to fix the situation. If you need to say negative things, talk to family or a friend. They can offer advice and won’t share what you said with anyone at work. 

9. Tell the truth

It is best to be honest with your boss and coworkers. If you make a mistake, it’s okay. You can just say you made a mistake and that you are sorry. This is very valued in the American workplace.

10. Do not use drugs or alcohol before or at work

Drugs and alcohol are very dangerous in the workplace. If you use them, you will be fired. Many companies have a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. This means if you are caught just one time, you will be fired. If you are at a company party that serves alcohol and you want to have one or two drinks, that is okay. If you do not want alcohol, that is okay too. If your coworkers ask why, be truthful.

We aim to offer easy to understand information that is updated regularly. This information is not legal advice.