What is FindHello?

FindHello is a mobile app and website that helps immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees find immigrant services and other resources in their communities. Learn how to use FindHello to get help and services in the USA.

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In partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, USAHello created FindHello, a free app made for refugees and immigrants to find immigrant services and other resources.

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Use FindHello to search for help and resources near you. Search for job advice, lawyers, healthcare, English classes and other services in your community.

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“The FindHello app is an excellent resource for helping refugees and asylees integrate smoothly and contribute in positive ways to their new communities in the United States.”
— Matthew Reynolds, Regional Representative for the United States and the Caribbean, UNHCR

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What is FindHello?

FindHello  is a mobile and website application, or app. It was built with support from UNHCR and from community organizations across the country. FindHello has information about thousands of services for immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Enter your location to look for immigration help, English classes, healthcare, food from your country, and much more. You can also enter the name of a resource to find out more about it and where it is.

We protect your privacy

We know privacy is important for newcomers. You do not have to share your name, email address, on any personal information to use the app. Your location is not tracked or shared with anyone. The app works with Google maps to give you directions. But you can download the information to your mobile device and use it offline, too. 

How is FindHello different than other apps?

We made FindHello with the help of refugees and other new Americans. We used their suggestions to create an app that was easy to use for people from many cultures. We wrote the information for English language learners so that it is easy to understand.

FindHello is available in English, Spanish and Arabic. We are going to add more newcomer languages soon.

Where do FindHello’s immigrant services and other information come from?

Our list of resources is growing all the time. We are adding resources across the USA. USAHello and its local partners provide most of the information. Our volunteers update  and correct information add resources for cities where there are many newcomers. If you would like to join our team of FindHello volunteers to add services in your community, please fill out our volunteer form. 

Anyone can add immigrant services and other resources!

Anyone who downloads the app or goes to the website can add resources. Go to the “submit resource” section. Our system will help enter the information. Then our team will review and add the resource. You can also tell us if any information is wrong so we can correct it.