The mission of USAHello is to help refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and their receiving communities thrive with free, high-quality online information and resources in many languages.


We believe that diversity is a strength to be celebrated rather than feared. We value the lived experiences of people who have migrated and the communities that receive them. We leverage the power of technology to empower people and communities with knowledge and connection.

Why our work is important

Migration has  always been a critical mechanism for adaptation. Today, the numbers of people being displaced from their homes continues to rise while the trends causing forced displacement – including climate change, violent conflict and economic crises – show no signs of stopping. Most migration today is not temporary, and we believe our newest neighbors deserve the opportunity not just to survive but to thrive as they build their lives in the USA. 

Historically, the United States has been known as a country that welcomes diversity and affords immigrants enormous opportunities, but the reality is that there are structural barriers to effective integration. USAHello was founded in 2013 under the name the Refugee Center Online to address those barriers. Over the past six years, our organization has expanded to become the only comprehensive multilingual online platform created specifically for refugees, asylees, immigrants and their receiving communities in the USA. 

The rapid growth in demand for our services (from 70,000 site visitors per year in 2016 to more than 800,000 in 2019) shows that we are filling a critical gap. The successful reintegration of those who are already here and those who may come in the future will strengthen our economy, make our communities more resilient, and enhance our democracy.

Today, with the systematic dismantling of government-funded refugee and immigrant service networks in the USA, and the global rise of anti-immigrant sentiment and policies, the need for trusted, scalable resources that can be safely accessed is more important than ever. USAHello has developed a powerful model for addressing the needs of displaced populations, both at the initial phase and during the long journey to integration. We now have the potential to dramatically expand our global reach.