What is TASC?

TASC is a diploma that shows that you have the same knowledge as someone who completed high school in the USA. Passing your TASC test can help you be more successful. You can use it to get a better job and to go to college.

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What is the TASC test?

TASC is a test of your understanding and knowledge. The name TASC is short for Test Assessing Secondary Completion™. Passing the test shows you have the same knowledge and skills as a person who graduated from high school in the USA.

Why is it important?

Many Americans and refugees and immigrants were not able to finish high school. Without a high school diploma, it can be hard to get a good job and succeed in the United States. But if you pass the TASC test, you get a diploma (certificate) from your state. It is called a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, so you may sometimes see or hear your test referred to as an HSE test.

The diploma says you have equivalent (the same) skills as someone who completed high school in the United States. This is a big accomplishment! Not only will you gain an education, but you will have better job choices.

What is the TASC test like?

The test take several hours and is divided into several topics. You can take the topics on separate days. You can take the test on a computer or on paper.

What’s on the test?

There are five subjects on the test: social studies, science, math, reading and writing. You will answer many questions about all these topics.

What shall I do now?

You can study for the test. You can also find out how to take the test.

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How should I study for the test?

USAHello’s free online TASC/HiSET/GED® classes cover each subject on the test. You can start a class whenever you are ready. Most students finish one subject within two weeks to two months. You can start and stop anytime. You can retake lessons. You can choose which subject you want to start with.

Does my state offer the TASC test?

You cannot take the TASC test in every state. Look at this table to find out which test is offered in your state.

If your state does not offer TASC, you can still get a diploma. You can take the HiSET test or the GED® test in your state. Look at the table again to see which one.

What is GED®?         

The GED® test is like the TASC test. Passing the GED® test shows you have the same knowledge and skills as a person who graduated from high school in the USA.

What is HiSET™?

The HiSET test is like the GED® test. The HiSET™ diploma says you have the same knowledge and skills as someone who completed high school in the USA.

How do I take the TASC test?

To take the tests, you have to go to a testing center. You can take test on a computer or on paper.

Free practice test

Take a practice test to see if you are ready to pass the GED/HiSET/TASCtests now, or if you want to study more before you sign up.

Free test preparation classes

Study all four topics to prepare for the GED®, HiSET, or TASC tests.

How to take the TASC test

Find the information you need to register for and take the TASC test. When you have passed all the subjects, you will receive a diploma.

I have a diploma from another country. Should I still get a HiSET, TASC or GED® credential?

If you have a high school diploma, you may or may not need a HiSET, TASC or GED® credential. But you may need proof you finished school to go to college or get a job. If you do not have proof, getting a diploma in the USA will help you.