Learn basic computer skills and internet safety

It is important to know how to use a computer and the internet. Computer skills can help you get a job. Find where you can learn basic computer skills for free. Read about internet safety.

Digital literacy is the ability to find and communicate information through typing and digital platforms, such as using the internet and social media. It includes knowing how to use a computer and mobile device.

Online classes and videos

These are some of the best free computer skills websites we found online.

Digital Learn

Digital Learn has classes to help you learn computer basics and internet skills. You can learn about the different parts of a computer and operating systems. Operating systems are programs that help your computer run. There are courses about how to use email.

Being safe on the internet is important. If you are not careful, your personal information can get stolen on the internet. Somebody might use it to make purchases with your money.

You can take classes to learn how to keep your information private and avoid scams. Other classes will teach you to connect with people and how to shop online.

Digital Learn lessons are simple to follow. You can learn how to stay safe on the internet. Or, you can learn how to create and save documents in Microsoft Word.


HIAS has digital literacy resources to help you. You can learn about digital security, how to prevent digital scams, work readiness, and much more!

These videos can help you learn about digital security in your language:

GCFLearnfree has many online courses and videos to help you learn about computers. You can learn how to set up your computer and what the different parts are. The classes talk about how to save documents and where they go when you do. Other classes are about how to use the internet and take good care of your computer. And they also have internet safety classes.

Watch a video that explains the different parts of a computer


Watch another video about how to use Gmail


One Digital World

One Digital World has online digital literacy training for refugees and asylum seekers. 

The online classes can help you learn how to use the keyboard, how to communicate via the internet, and much more!

Teach your children about internet safety

It is very important for your child to know about internet safety. It will help them understand the dangers of talking to people they don’t know on the internet.

Teach your children about internet safety with

Find a class near you

Would you prefer to go to a class in person? If you are having a hard time learning on your own, it can be good to have a teacher! Most public libraries have free computer classes you can attend. Find your nearest library or use FindHello to find computer classes for adults near you.

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