Find job training programs and get skills for work

Do you need to find job training programs near you? Do you want to learn new work skills? Learn about the different ways you can get trained for a job.

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Before you start any job training programs, you may need basic job readiness skills. For example, you may want to learn to read and write, use a computer, or fill out a job application.

Where to find programs

Libraries, school, and community centers often have programs that teach these basic skills. So does a charity called Goodwill. You may have seen Goodwill stores where you can buy used clothes and household goods. Goodwill uses the money from its stores to help people get ready for work and find work. They offer English and other basic classes. They may help with child care while you learn. In some places, Goodwill has specific job training programs, such as skills for working in banks and hospitals. Find your local Goodwill for skills training and support.

Use your local job center

Every community has a job center to help people find work. American Job Centers are free services from the US government. The job centers use the name “CareerOneStop” online, but they may also have a local name in your state or city. For example, Texas job centers are called “Workforce Solutions.” Minnesota job centers are called “CareerForce.”

Job centers can help you in many ways, including giving you training or access to job training programs. Some job centers have special job training programs for refugees and immigrants! Find your nearest job center.

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Use FindHello to search for help and resources near you. Search for job advice, lawyers, healthcare, English classes and other services in your community.

Start your search

Sign up for Jobcorps

Job Corps is a government program that offers free education and job training programs to young men and women who are 16 to 24 years old. Training includes healthcare jobs such as CNA, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, medical administrative assistant, health unit coordinator, and nurse. Learn more about Job Corps.

Go to community college

Community colleges are school for adults of all ages that offer many different courses. You can do anything from learning English at evening classes to taking a 2-year course in engineering. Community colleges have many job training courses. Tuition fees are much lower than universities and private colleges. Find a community college.

Become an apprentice

An apprentice is someone who learns skills while he or she works. Apprentices train on the job, and they often have some classroom instruction, too.  This is a good path for you if you have an interest in a specific job – for example fixing cars or being an electrician – but you do not have the skills yet. The US Department of Labor has a list of apprenticeships.

That list probably only covers a few of the apprenticeship possibilities. Are there businesses near you that are always looking for workers? You could ask them if they would be willing to take you on as an apprentice and train you. Often, a reliable and hardworking employee is more important to employers than any skills, because they can teach you the skills.

Find organizations that help newcomers

In big cities, and even in some smaller communities, you will find organizations that help newcomers train for work. This may be a resettlement agency or an international institute. It may be a project that trains newcomers in certain careers.

Here are some places that train newcomers for work:

Think ahead – train for a career in technology

There are more than half a million computing job vacancies in the USA! Several cities have computer coding programs just for newcomers.

If you already have or want to learn computer skills, think about training in computer and internet security, also called cybersecurity. There is a high demand for people with cybersecurity skills, and it will be a good job for the future. You can read more about technology jobs.

Get certification

Perhaps you already have a job skill, such as tiling or plumbing, teaching or nursing? For many jobs in the USA, you need a certificate to show you are trained, so you can do your job in the United States.

To get certified, you will probably have to pass a test. Maybe you will need some training before you take the test.