Resources for displaced Afghans seeking help

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Here you will find information on resources on the different types of visa programs available: Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), Priority 2 (P2), humanitarian parole, and asylum. You will also find help on arriving in the U.S., evacuation assistance, protecting digital identity, and how the U.S. Congress can help. Thank you to Refugee Congress USA for sharing valuable resources for this page. 

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The United States and partner countries evacuated thousands of Afghans before the August 31 deadline. 

On August 29, the USA with 97 other countries, announced Sunday that they had reached an agreement with the Taliban to allow them to continue to get Afghan allies out of the country after the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline.

Many Afghans arriving in the USA will have humanitarian parole status, which offers temporary protection.

Under current rules, if you arrive under humanitarian parole status you will need to apply for asylum or another status. You should seek legal assistance as soon as possible to help with this process. You can find an immigration attorney at or on the CLINIC legal directory. You can look for additional legal resources as well as English language classes, social services and more in your new community, use our FindHello app available online or for download.


Resources on this page have been gathered by Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) and translated by USAHello. USAHello is proud to be a member of RCUSA’s national coalition of non-profit organizations that promotes efforts to protect and welcome refugees, asylees, asylum-seekers, and other forcibly displaced populations.

Additional resources for individuals seeking to support Afghans, engage in advocacy, and resources for elected officials are available on RCUSA’s website and at Welcome.US.

Learn if you are eligible for one of the visa programs

There are certain programs available for the Afghan people coming to the USA. Please learn about them below.

Special Immigrant Visa (SIV)

The SIV visa program is available to Afghan nationals who were employed by, or on behalf of the US government within Afghanistan.

This program is intended to allow those who qualify, and their direct family members, to apply directly to the US for resettlement. They do not have to wait for an UNHCR referral. 

After their cases have been approved, SIVs receive resettlement services from a local resettlement office.

Learn more:

Priority 2 (P2) Program

P2 is a new designation for certain Afghanistan nationals. A P2 designation means that this is a group of “special concern” to the US government. 

The P2 designation is for Afghanistan who do not fall under the SIV program. P2 includes Afghanistan nations who:

  • do not  meet the minimum time-in-service requirement for SIV, and 
  • those who worked in Afghanistan for a US-based media company or a non-governmental organization.

After their cases have been approved, P2s receive resettlement services from a local resettlement office in the USA.

Learn more:

Humanitarian Parole

For many Afghans arriving in the US, they will likely be initially seeking humanitarian parole.

Humanitarian parole is a temporary status allowing the parolee to stay in the United States up to 365 days while applying for a longer term solution. 

Under current law, parolees are only able to apply for work authorization, they can only access refugee resettlement services or benefits once they have been granted a separate status (such as asylee, SIV, etc.).

Learn more:


You can apply for asylum from within the U.S. or at a U.S. port of entry. 

A person can seek asylum in the United States if they meet the definition of a refugee. Learn more about who is a refugee

Asylum seekers can seek work authorization while awaiting final decision on their case. Once they have been approved for asylum, they can receive services from a local resettlement office.

Remember, you can find legal assistance to apply for one of these programs by looking for an immigration attorney at or a trusted non-profit organization on the CLINIC legal directory.

Afghans who worked for the United Kingdom

Learn more about the UK relocation program.

Arriving in the US

Airport Support

Resource Roundup

Assistance in Afghanistan

Evacuation Assistance

Protecting Digital Identity

Human Rights First offers resources on steps to take to protect your identity online

Will the U.S. Congress pass a law to help the Afghan people in the USA?

It is expected that Congress will introduce several bills to create a more direct system for adjustment of status for Afghans coming to the U.S. We will update this page when more information becomes available. 

*This page will be updated as more information becomes available.