When you are fired from job

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Losing a job in the USA is really stressful and can lead to poor health for some people.

I have a very close friend who has lost his job. When he got the email that he had been fired from job because of not following some company policy, he really felt sad. He felt sad because it was his only source of income. He had a lot of bills to take care of and also sent money to his family in Kenya.

My friend was fired 8 months after accepting the job offer, and his pay was really good. He was only 16 months in the country when he lost the job and he had no close family members or relatives in the United States who could at least support him until he found a new job. 

People told him that it is really hard to find another job once you got fired from a job.

They explained to my friend that all new jobs will ask you about your most recent job information, and once they learn that you have been fired from your last job, they will automatically not hire you.

He had sleepless nights and stressful moments. But he finally decided to meet his employment counselor, who told him that he will find him another job by all means.

The counselor also told my friend that he was eligible for unemployment benefits from the company that fired him. He told him that he will receive unemployment benefits from them until he can find a new job. This has at least eased his fear and stress because he had so many bills to take care of more importantly his rent. After some paperwork with the help of the employment counselor, his unemployment benefits started to come in.

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His employment counselor also kept my friend busy by enrolling him at some job and English training classes to help him regain some courage and confidence. After quite some time, my friend forgot about all that happened in his old job and a career fair, he found himself a higher paying job than his lost job and that was a breath-taking moment for him.

I would say, when you are fired from a job, it is not the end of the world, so there is no need to stress yourself. I understand there will be some anxiety and stress in the first couple weeks or so but try not to think about it for it too long. Seek family or friends’ support as soon as you can. Look for resources that are there for people like you who have been fired from jobs. Short courses training and some other career training might help you find a new job and as well as lower your stress.

The most important thing is that you don’t lose hope, courage and confidence in yourself.

Live by your dreams and all will be fine in the long run. Have faith in yourself and opportunities will come. If you think you cannot manage your stress by yourself, seek professional counseling. 

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