USAHello is a website created for refugees and immigrants in the USA.


它是一站式, comprehensive website that houses the resources and information newcomers need to build successful lives for themselves and their families here in the USA.

内容由重新安置的难民和移民策划和写 ESL 观众和那些有限的正规教育. 程序进一步增强了自动和手动翻译和最新的多模态学习技巧. 我们使用移动技术的扩散和互联网的力量提供支持需要的地方时是.

USAHello is unique.

USAHello is the only comprehensive online resource for refugees and immigrants in the United States. 我们由新人在每个国家使用,并在全国各地有与重新安置机构和其他非盈利组织的伙伴关系. 我们的工作是补充上地面源的支持已存在通过使他们更加理解和可访问到那些需要它们的人.

The Refugee Center Online is now USAHello. We changed our name to make sure newcomers from all backgrounds feel welcome on our website and in our classroom.

USAHello is guided by the population it serves.

USAHello is intimately interconnected with the community it is trying to help. 我们的董事会成员一半以上是难民和已成功地在美国定居的移民. 我们的计划被开发和正在不断地改进通过一个迭代的过程的输入从新人社区, including USAHello’s Refugee Technology and Advisory Council. 采取每个行动的前提是对新人都是自己最好的拥护者的信念.

USAHello is economically efficient.

The programs of USAHello are enormously cost effective. 我们使用该电源并达到互联网, 与扩散的掌上电脑技术相结合, 若要创建可无限扩展的程序. 我们的目标是帮助数以百万计的难民和移民在美国,从而加强我们的社区, 我们的经济, 和我们的民主.

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