Scholarships for immigrants and refugees

Are you looking for scholarships for immigrants and refugees? In the USA, there are many scholarships especially for refugees and immigrants. On this page, you will find scholarships by state, by nationality, and by learning topic. You can apply for these scholarships to help pay for your education.

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What are scholarships?

Scholarships are money awards to help you pay for your education. In the USA, many students apply for scholarships to help them pay for college. The scholarships on this page are especially for refugee and immigrant students. Some of them are for “first generation” students. This could mean that your parents were immigrants or refugees. It can also mean that you are an immigrant or refugee who now has citizenship. There are also scholarships for students who are not citizens.

National scholarships for immigrants and refugees

Scholarships for specific groups and nationalities

Some foundations, organizations and professional associations save money to award scholarships to people of certain ethnicities.

Scholarships with no documentation required

Achievement Scholarship for Refugees and Immigrants of Wake County

Scholarship for immigrants, first-generation citizens, or refugees (no documentation required) who attended school in Wake County, North Carolina.

Phone: (919) 474-8370 ext. 4028
Contact: Julia Da Silva

CORE Que Llueva Café Scholarship

CORE’s Que Llueva Café Scholarship aims to support the dreams, hopes and aspirations of undocumented students so that they can earn their college education. You must be an undocumented student (DACA students are eligible). You must be or will be a high school/GED graduate who will enroll for the first time in an accredited college or university. Students who already enrolled in college are not eligible. Find details and link to application form.


CPS Dream Fund Scholarship

A talent and need-based scholarship for DREAMers attending a Chicago public school.

Contact: Luis Narvaez

Immigrants Rising Scholarship Fund

Scholarship of up to $7,000 for low-income immigrants graduating from high school. You can also be enrolled in college and graduate programs who live in/attend school in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Immigrants Rising also keeps an updated list of other scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship of residency. 

Golden Door Scholars

Scholarship for students with great-grades. You must be planning to pursue an undergraduate degree at a 4-year college. Applicants must be approved for DACA or TPS. You must be eligible to participate in paid internships.


Mexican-American Dream Scholarship

This scholarship program is offered by the Council of Mexican Federations in North America (COFEM). It awards scholarships of $500 to Community College students and $1,000 to undergraduate students attending four-year colleges or universities in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Ventura countries in California. Applicants must be considered undocumented or must benefit from AB-540 or DACA. Also they can be a member or be related to a member of a COFEM-affiliated federation or club.

Phone: (213) 417-8394

Scholarships for refugees or asylum seekers

Champlain College New American Student Scholarship

Need-based scholarship for Vermont’s refugee and asylum-seeking students. This is only for students planning to attend Champlain College.

Phone: (802) 860-2777

Emergency refugee assistance scholarship fund

Available to students around the world who are refugees or asylum seekers.


Small Giants Scholarship Fund for Refugees

Scholarship for refugees or asylum seekers planning to attend University of the People.


The IIE Scholar Rescue Fund

This is a year-long fellowship. A fellowship is like an unpaid job where you get to learn new skills. It is for professors, researchers, and public intellectuals who face threats to their lives and careers in their home countries.

Phone: (212) 205-6486

Scholarships for women

AAUW grants

Since 1888, AAUW has been one of the largest funders of women’s graduate education, investing in women who go on to change the world.

Phone: 202.785.7700

The Arab American Women’s Business Council (AAWBC)

Scholarship for Arab American women attending school in Michigan.

Contact: Yvonne Abraham

The Hegg Hoffet Fund 

Professional courses for women who want to re-enter their professional field. There are also language courses for integration into their new country or courses to pass required national exams.

Phone: (+41) 22 731 2380

Red Thread Fellowship Award

The Red Thread Fellowship is available to college-bound women of international backgrounds who will be entering an American college or university in the coming fall.The fellowship consists of two parts: a $1000 scholarship award and year-long mentorship support.  There are no GPA or U.S. residency requirements. The application consists of several short-answer questions, two essays, and two letters of recommendation. We require that at least one of your recommenders be an academic reference, such as a teacher or a guidance counselor.  Apply on the website.


Scholarships for everyone

Careeronestop scholarship finder

Careeronestop is a US government website that helps people find jobs and training for jobs. It has a list of scholarships that you can search. You can filter by level of study or by place or by both. Under “affiliation required,” you can even filter for being in an ethnic minority.


You can also apply for grants, which are another kind of financial support for education. The office of Federal Student Aid provides grants, loans, and work-study funds for college or career school. Apply at Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA).

There are many scholarships for immigrants and refugees. If you know of others to add, please email us.  We will add them to the list.