Tips for answering citizenship questions

Are you eligible to apply for US citizenship? Thousands of new Americans are eligible, but they worry about answering the citizenship questions. The US government plans to raise the application fee by more than $500 sanadkaan. If you or someone you know wants to become a citizen, applying soon will save hundreds of dollars. ... Akhri wax dheeraad ah

Siyaabaha xagga waddanka u soo guurey badan yihiin wanaagsan ka badan aad u malaynayso

Although it may seem that recent shifts in US policy reflect a negative change in American attitudes toward immigrants, the opposite is actually true. Gallop, a respected national polling organization, has been asking questions about immigration since the 1960s. In nearly every category of questions about immigration, their results show that American attitudes toward immigrants ... Akhri wax dheeraad ah

2019 - sano ah ee socdaalka US iyo magangelyo-

Isbuucaan, the New York Times published its “Year in Pictures” for 2019. I couldn’t help noticing how many of the photos showed migrants, waddanka u soo guurey, and refugees. The powerful images made me think of the many changes and new rules in US immigration there have been this year for migrants, waddanka u soo guurey, asylum seekers and refugees ... Akhri wax dheeraad ah

Help qaxootiga iyo muhaajiriinta ee Maraykanka

By ugu deeqday USAHello, aad taageeraan technology iyo waxbarashada in gargaar dadka cusub ku guulaystaan ​​USA.

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Waxa aad u baahan tahay inaad diiran

Neil Gaiman is a celebrated writer and a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR. He wrote a poem using ideas and images from tweets he received from his followers on Twitter. Neil Gaiman had asked his followers to tell him about something that reminded them of warmth. He received almost 1,000 responses. Here is his poem. “Waa maxay ... Akhri wax dheeraad ah