Apply through a job portal

Do you need to apply for a job online? Many jobs are advertised online and require that you apply using an online job portal, or employment website. Here are 7 tips that will help you apply for jobs through a job portal. 

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What is a job portal?

A job portal is an employment website. Employers can advertise jobs and job seekers can look for jobs. A portal is a doorway, and an online portal is a doorway into other websites. A job portal is not just for finding jobs. Through a job portal, you can submit job applications to many employer’s websites.

LinkedIn,, and are the most popular large job portals in the USA. But many employers also have their own job portals. Here are some tips to help you apply for jobs online through job portals.

1. Research companies on job portals

When you know what job you want to apply for, go to You can read information from employees who work at that company. Sometimes they will share information about what you should include in your application. 

Every time you see a company that has roles you like, make a note of the business. Keep a list of companies to focus on. Keep checking on their sites for jobs you may be interested in. 

2. Apply on the employer’s own job portal

If a company has its own job portal, apply directly instead of through an employment website. Applying directly on the company’s website shows employers that you have taken the time to visit their website and that you are interested in their company.

3. Customize your resume and cover letter

The online job portal will ask for specific information. They might ask you questions about your experience that you must type directly into their system. But almost always, they will also ask you to upload your resume or cover letter.

You should not submit the same version of your resume and cover letter every time. Read through the job description and find the important skills the employer is looking for. If a skill is listed as “required” or is mentioned many times, it is important. Make sure to mention in your resume and cover letter how you have used that skill.

Usually, employers get many applications for every listing on the job portal. They do not have time to read all of them. “Resume tracking systems” are used to help employers process documents faster. These are computer systems that scan for the same words on the job description and in your documents. This means it is important to use the same language in your resume and cover letter as is in the job description. Learn how to write a cover letter, and read tips for a great resume.

4. Check for mistakes!

It is important to check for writing errors before submitting your application. Mistakes send a message that you are careless, and nobody wants a careless person working for them. You can ask a friend or family member to read your application. You can also use Grammarly to check for any mistakes. Grammarly is free and will scan all the information you entered in the job portal for spelling and grammar mistakes. 

One way to avoid mistakes is to compose your answer in another place on your computer or mobile device – not directly into the portal. That way, you can read your responses carefully and edit them. Then, when you are ready, copy and paste them into the portal.

5. Save answers you submitted on a job portal

Make a note of the answers you provided for each job application you submit in a job portal. Different companies ask different questions, and sometimes it is easy to forget what you wrote.  You will need to know what you sent in the job portal if you get called in for an interview. Then you can give details in the interview that match and back up what you wrote. 

If there is no way to save your answers so you can see them, copy and paste your answers into another place on your computer or mobile device before you hit “submit” or “send.”

6. Contact the hiring manager on LinkedIn

After submitting your application, wait for a week or two. If you do not hear back, look for the name of the hiring manager on LinkedIn or on the company website. Send him or her a short private message. Tell them you are still interested in the job and why you are a good match for it. Sometimes, this helps to get your application reviewed.

7. Be consistent and do not get discouraged

The applications you submit using an online job portal will be one of many the company receives. There are always a lot of people applying for the same jobs. Whether you apply directly on the company’s job portal or use one of the job search websites, you will receive a confirmation email. The email is letting you know that your application was received. This does not mean that someone has already reviewed your application. It is an automatic response sent every time someone applies for a job. 

You will usually not hear back after that first email. Usually, employers only respond to job portal applications from people who have been selected for an interview. Do not get discouraged. This does not mean that you are not a good candidate. It just means that you have not applied for the right job yet. Apply for jobs every week, even if you have an interview coming up.