Healthy habits for a healthy life

Man in hills holding soccer ball

Moving away from home can alter your habits.

It is important to keep healthy habits in your routine. As far as I know, all cultures in the world encourage healthy habits. I remember back in Kurdish culture in the Middle East, people were always saying that eating healthfully will keep you to perform healthily.

Many people do not realize that health and being healthy is the biggest wealth nature has given to us. Without being healthy, other things are impossible to be accomplished. Therefore, health awareness is very important to ourselves and our families. In fact, many people do not appreciate their health until they get sick. As a graduate student and as a dad, I usually perform the following steps for staying healthy.

After finishing my daily assignments, I usually socialize with my family.

I think to be healthy, we must remember family relations as a first priority. Family, in my view, is the psychological relax place that gives you support and comfort. For this reason and almost every night, my wife and I prepare some drinks like tea, coffee, or a smoothie. We usually talk and chat about topics like family, work, study, etc. I also play with my kids or read a short story for them.

Physical exercise requires us to move and stretch our body.

Those are some daily habits on the family side. Individually, I usually do some small jogging or running on the treadmill at home. This is not easily manageable. Especially, if you have twins and a Ph.D. student in political science that requires lots of readings every day. I usually do this once my twins are asleep or early in the morning when they are still asleep. Besides that, for most weekends we visit a community public park. We stay or walk around the park for an hour or two to get a refreshing air far from the class pressures and kids’ noise at home.

Another good healthy habit is to decrease the amount of time you spend using technological devices.

Most medical and social and behavioral researches encourage decreasing the daily use of computers, iPhones, iPads, etc. These technological devices are great human inventions that make our daily tasks easier than ever before. But the side effects are always there. I usually do not go far from using social media for example. I have many friends who got addicted to social media in a way that affects their psychological health and physical activities.

New studies show that some people, for example, have nomophobia. A term that refers to a psychological situation in which a person panics and experiences abnormal life when he or she does not have a phone or a communication device even for a short time.

The following are 5 healthy habits to do on daily or weekly basis:

  • Socializing with family members, friends, and community members for lessening work pressures. Also, participating in some community activities like biking and gardening and other activities.
  • Decreasing the hours spent using social media and sitting down in front of technological tools for a long time. Also, doing some puzzle words or other brain-challenging games for improving our brain health.
  • Eating healthy meals like increasing the use of fruits and vegetables, nuts and organic products.  Also, staying away from any activities that relate to the use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other harmful substances in general.
  • Doing some spring and summer hobbies like fishing, hiking, and etc. depending on the season.
  • Daily walking for around 20 minutes or a weekly jogging for around two hours especially at weekends when we have more time.
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