Networking events

Networking events are gatherings of professional people. You will meet people at networking events who can help you find a job. Learn where to find events and what to do at an event.

man holding a glass at work networking event

What is a networking event?

Networking events are social events for people who are looking for jobs and people sharing career advice. There are websites that tell you where the events are. You will feel less nervous if you practice what to say, what to bring with you, and how to talk to people before you go. You can also network online and by phone.

Networking events can include speeches, dinners, or “happy hours.” Happy hours are gatherings where people talk over drinks and food. Most events are in the afternoon or evening.

Networking events are usually for professional level jobs, but there are some events for all levels. For example, career fairs are events where you may find many employers from one industry or one location. They come together in one space to find employees.

How to find networking events

Here are some ways you can find networking events.

  • Use a networking website
    Use websites including and You can enter in your address and find free and cheap options in your area.
  • Find networking events locally
    You can look for networking events at community centers, churches, mosques, and synagogues. To find a community center or place of worship, you can search online for “community center in [your city or neighborhood].” Or you can find your local library and ask if they have events.

Getting ready for a networking event

Networking may not feel natural to you if you haven’t done it before. Meeting strangers can feel uncomfortable at first. Remember that everything gets easier with practice.

Practice your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is information about yourself to say at a networking event. It is called an elevator pitch because it is short – you should be able to say it all while riding on an elevator! The pitch includes your name, your profession, and what jobs you are looking for. Practice your pitch so you remember it all the time. A well-rehearsed pitch gives a great first impression. Here are examples:

“My name is Juana. I am a nanny and I have worked for 5 families in Mexico. I am looking for full or part-time work taking care of children of any age.”

“My name is Samir. I am an accountant with 4 years of experience in investment firms in Iran. I am looking for a junior accountant position.”

Bring your business cards 

Business cards are small cards with your name, phone number, email and profession or job. The job can be one you have now or one you are trained for. Business cards are very useful at networking events. They allow you to exchange your information quickly. You can order business cards at office supply stores or online.

Be prepared! You should have business cards with you all the time. You may meet someone who can help you through a friend or at the supermarket.

At the networking event

There are things you can do to help you succeed at networking events. There are also things that it is better not to do!

Things to do

Here are some things you should do at a networking event.

  • Take your time
    Do not try to meet too many people. It is better to talk to fewer people and make connections that will last.
  • Ask for a business card
    Also make sure to give people your card.
  • Take notes
    Write anything you want to remember on the business cards you get.
  • Follow up
    Send LinkedIn messages or emails to say thank you and stay in touch.

Things not to do

Here are some things you should not do at a networking event.

  • Do not ask for favors right away
    Wait until the person you are talking to offers a favor, or talk to them after the event.
  • Do not talk about yourself too much
    Do not interrupt the person you are talking to. Ask them questions and respond only when they are done.
  • Do not talk about politics or religion
    Focus on talking about jobs and careers.

Watch this video for examples of good networking habits


Questions to ask when networking

It might be hard to know what to say to someone you haven’t met before. Here are a few questions you can ask.

“Where are you from?”

“What is your favorite part of your job?”

“How did you hear about this event?”

“Could you tell me more about what you do?”

“Do you know of any companies that are hiring right now?”

Other types of networking

You may not have time to go to networking events in person. There are other ways to expand your professional network. You can join an online network, and you can sign up for an online or phone informational interview.


LinkedIn is a website where you can connect to other people in the workforce. It is like Facebook, but for work. You create a profile that talks about your professional experience. You can talk to people, look for jobs, and post and read articles. It is most popular in the US but more people around the world are using it. The first step is to register for a LinkedIn profile. 

Informational interviews

An informational interview is a conversation with someone who is in a job you want to do. This conversation can be in person, on the phone, or on a computer video call. The interview should last about 30 minutes. The goal is to hear about their experiences and get advice. Did they need a certificate? Why did their resume look better than others?

You can ask people for an informational interview through LinkedIn. You can also ask friends and acquaintances.  Read the top eight questions to ask in an informational interview. Always make sure to thank the person you talked to for their time.