Was ist das 2020 volkszählung?

Sie fragen sich vielleicht: was ist Volkszählung und warum ist es wichtig,? Erfahren Sie, wie Informationen gesammelt werden und warum sie wichtig sind. Als neuere Einwanderer, dies ist meine erste Teilnahme an der Volkszählung und ich freue mich über die Gelegenheit. Jemand könnte sich fragen, was ist Volkszählung und warum ist es wichtig? Einige Personen in ... Lesen Sie mehr

Tipps für eine Karriere in der Fertigung

Manufacturing is a quickly growing industry in the USA. It offers many opportunities for entry-level positions and long-term careers. Read tips about how you can succeed in manufacturing. In my career, I had the privilege of working with a hard-working team that helps refugees and immigrants get jobs. Most of those jobs were in manufacturing. ... Lesen Sie mehr

The GED exam gave me a second chance at the American Dream

Many immigrants do not get the chance to graduate from high school. Passing the GED test shows that you have the same knowledge as a high school graduate. Our USAHello board member Jeanna Lui tells us about the opportunities that the GED diploma gave her. My name is Jeanna and I am an immigrant. When ... Lesen Sie mehr

What to do when you are stopped by police

Many people panic when they are stopped by police. This is especially true when you are a newcomer to this country. You might not know what to do in this situation. Being stopped by the police can be scary. This is especially true if you do not know the English language. Without knowing the English ... Lesen Sie mehr

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Meine erste Gehaltserhöhung

Asking for a pay raise can be intimidating. But it is common in the USA if you are doing very well at your job. If you prepare yourself, you may be able to earn more money. I think one of the scariest things I have done in my career was negotiating my salary. Ich war ... Lesen Sie mehr

Im Vertrieb tätig

Working in sales takes a special set of skills. Learn how to succeed when working in sales. Read tips including how to talk to customers and listen well. I still recall my first day as a salesperson until today. It was scary. I got that job not long after I arrived in the United States, ... Lesen Sie mehr

Flüchtlinge können ihr eigenes kleine Geschäft aufbauen?

Starting a business is an ambitious project. It is hard but not impossible if you have a plan in place. A former refugee talks about how she is starting the process of opening a small business. I remember when the first time our asylum case was granted in 2015. I asked my husband – jetzt ... Lesen Sie mehr

Mein Fahrer Lizenz Reise

Getting a driver’s license can be a long process for both native-born Americans and immigrants. A newcomer talks about her journey to getting get a driver’s license and how it improved her life. Two years ago, when I first arrived in the USA, I quickly learned that taxis are not only expensive but are mostly ... Lesen Sie mehr