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The RCO is the only comprehensive website created specifically for refugees & immigrants in the United States.

Our goal for 2017 was to provide 100,000 newcomers with information and resources to help them rebuild their lives in the United States.

Vietoj, we reached 250,000.

2017 goal for website reach
2017 website reach actual

"This is exactly what I needed to help me when I arrived in the United States."

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We make sure newcomers can find the information they need, when and where they need it.

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In order to be fully accessible, we offer the majority of our resources in the most common languages spoken by refugees in the United States. As much as possible, we employ refugees and immigrants to professionally translate these resources.

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The languages most used by newcomers visiting the RCO include:


The RCO has created unique programing to allow two languages to be viewed side by side. This allows newcomers to access necessary information in their own language while they learn English and feel a sense of greater integration.

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We are reaching newcomers in every state, in urban and rural locations. Our highest numbers of users were in these cities:

New York City
Los Andžele
Washington DC
San Franciskas

But we also had many visitors from smaller towns such as Louisville, Kentucky; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Buffalo, Niujorkas; Fargo, Šiaurės Dakota; Ontario, Oregon; and Ashburn, Virdžinija.


We helped people find exactly the information they needed to:

Reunite with their families

Learn about their rights

Find and apply for scholarships

Smartphones and why refugees and immigrants love them

Know where to shop for culturally appropriate food

Find programs in their communities

Try to make sense of constantly changing anti-immigrant policies

Prisitaikyti prie Amerikos kultūros

And much more.

Vyresnysis pabėgėlių vyras

"Since I arrived in the USA in 2009, I had many cultural misunderstandings. I lost my [sense of] personal value and I had many regrets. Through the RCO site, I came to understand many things and I see Americans through a new face. I now feel more connected and happy in America."


Our online classroom helped thousands of newcomers become citizens and get ready for their GED® exams.

Our stretch goal for 2017 was to enroll 2,000 learners in our Citizenship class.

Vietoj, we enrolled 4,091.

2017 website reach actual

Forty percent of students who completed the course have already reported becoming citizens.

We similarly hoped to enroll 2,000 learners in our GED® program last year.

Vietoj, we enrolled 7,979.

2017 GED enrollment goal of 2,000 žmonės
2017 website reach actual

Seventy-three percent are women, half of whom told us they have children at home.

"I came to the United States when I was 19, with one baby. I did not have the chance to finish school in camp. I now have three children and I can’t drive. My husband is working two jobs and comes home late. When I found the GED® programa, I was so happy to study. I have already finished Language Arts and Social Studies and now I take the Science Unit. The proudest day for me will be when I finish school."

be to, we launched a course that trained 630 educators across the country how to help refugee & immigrant students succeed in their classrooms.

96 percent of the course participants said they would recommend the class to a friend.

By the end of the course, 3 iš 4 had already implemented something they’d learned in their own school.


We reached out to newcomers and sent them a message: you are welcome.

And we supported efforts by newcomers to help newcomers, by publishing 104 articles written by refugees across the United States.

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"Writing for the RCO makes me feel like I belong. I don’t want my story to get lost. I want people to know my story."


We are proud of our efficiency.

USAHello 2017 financial report figures
Download a .pdf of this financial report.


2017 was an incredible year of growth for the RCO, and we outperformed every one of our goals. We are deeply grateful to our generous supporters and incredible volunteers.

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We are honored by our Foundation supporters:

Carnegie Corporation
Collins Foundation
David Rockefeller Fund
Goulder Family Foundation
Grove Foundation
Haas Fund
Oregon Community Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Rutgers Presbyterian Church
Scheidler Foundation
Tides Foundation

And we are grateful for the many individual donations this year, which added up to over $70,000. You are helping us help thousands of people when and how they need it most.

Our Board

Thank you from all of us at the Refugee Center Online for supporting our mission to use technology to help refugees and immigrants build new lives.

Because of your help, we were able to offer welcome and support to more than a quarter of a million people during one of the most difficult times in the history of American migration.

The RCO is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Our physical address is 2420 NE Sandy, Liukso numeris 102, Portlandas, Oregon, 97213, although the majority of our staff and board are spread across the United States (and the globe).