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Some newcomers can't go to English class because of issues like lack of transportation. There are many options for those who want to learn English on their computer or smartphone Leia mais

Free Online GED® Prep Classes

Study for your GED® credential online and improve your job opportunities. The diploma shows you have the same knowledge as someone who completed high school in the United States. Leia mais

Free US Citizenship Test Class

A free online class that will prepare you for the US citizenship test. As a citizen, you can vote in national elections and contribute to your community. Leia mais

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Learning english languageFalo inglês agora?Falo inglês agora? Uma perspectiva sobre a língua inglesa de um aprendiz bilingue. How long did it take you to speak English? "Falo inglês agora?"
refugees in AmericaEnglish is not a measure of intelligenceRefugees in America are misunderstood for their intelligence. Many American people assume that refugees who do not speak English are not intelligent.
Professor imigrante ESL Erika WarnerEu sempre sou imigrante, onde quer que eu vá: Erika Warner, professor de ESL imigrante encontra uma conexão através da sala de aulaProfessor imigrante ESL Erika Warner. Uma vez imigrante, Erika Warner, um professor de ESL encontra seu propósito no ensino de refugiados e imigrantes.