Садо Маҷмӯаи ҳикояҳо навишта шудааст аз тарафи гурезагон ва муҳоҷирони зиндагӣ дар ИМА аст.

Шумо метавонед дар бораи мушкилоти гурезагон дигар ва муҳоҷирон рӯ ба рӯ хонда. Хонда шуд ёд ки чӣ тавр онҳо ба ҳаёт дар ИМА танзим.

Дар охирин

Дар хотир пуриқтидори Никола Tesla

Nikola Tesla immigrated to the USA as a young man. He was an inventor and electrical engineer. Some of the things he invented are important parts of our lives today. When most people hear the word “Tesla,” they may have the electric car company in mind. Not everyone knows that the company is named after ... Бештар

Маслиҳат барои наврасон

Teenagers go through many changes. It can be hard for them to find people to trust with hard issues. An educator shares some advice for teenagers. As an educator, soccer coach, and cook myself, I will be sharing some advice for teenagers. They will help to boost our teen’s health physically, mentally. Through my years ... Бештар

Anousheh Ансорӣ: Дар аввал Explorer фазо зан

Anousheh Ansari is the first Muslim woman and Iranian to become aspace tourist”. She is also a successful entrepreneur who empowers women to achieve their dreams. If asked to name someone who has been to space, most people’s answers would say the same names: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first people to walk ... Бештар

Барои дохил шудан ба номаи мо

Мо садоҳо ҳикояҳои ба шумо почтаи хоҳад кард!

Кадом аст 2020 барӯйхатгирии?

You may be wondering: what is census and why is it important? Learn about how information is collected and why it matters. As a recent immigrant, this is my first time participating in the census and I am excited about the opportunity. Someone might wonder, what is Census and why does it matter? Some people in ... Бештар