Сохтмон ва таъмир љойњои

Learn about the construction industry and different kinds of construction and repair jobs. Read about the different career paths you can take in construction and repair. Пайдо аз чӣ омӯзиш ба шумо лозим аст ва дар куҷо ба сар ҷустуҷӯи кор.

a woman fixing a piece of a machine- construction, repair, and maintenance jobs

Workers in construction and repair jobs are an important part of the workforce. Construction workers prepare land and use machines to make buildings, roads, and other structures. Repair workers fix and maintain buildings and machines. Learn about which construction and repair jobs are right for you.

Which construction or repair job?

There are many types of construction and repair jobs:

  • Plumbers – plumbers install water supply lines and fix them when there are problems. They also fix appliances that are connected to water lines, like dishwashers. You will need to take a test to get a plumbing license. Each state has different rules about how to get a license. Read state by state licensing rules for plumbers.
  • Car mechanics – mechanics inspect and fix cars. They make sure that there is enough oil and other fluids in the car. Some jobs require automotive technician training. Find classes for automotive technicians.
  • Carpentry laborers – help to build and fix buildings and objects made out of wood. They carry materials, drill holes, and do basic building. The clean equipment and work areas. No formal education is needed for this job. Learn about carpentry work.
  • Mason – masons build and work with stones. They build walls, patios, and walkways. Masonry is a skilled job, but you may get training at work.
  • Construction workers – prepare sites where buildings will be built. Loading and unloading materials that will be used. баъзан, you may be taking down buildings to build new ones. Learn about construction jobs.
  • Construction project managers – managers oversee projects and the construction team. They work on contracts, budgets, and work with clients to meet deadlines. Some managers might need a bachelor’s degree in a field like construction management, construction science or civil engineering.
  • Crane operators – operators of large machines call cranes to build and break down buildings. To become a crane operator, you need to take classes and get a certificate from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators.
  • Elevator technicians – fix and maintain elevators, escalators, and other machines. You will need to study and do an apprenticeship for about five years.
  • Electricians – install and maintain electrical systems for businesses, homes, and factories. This can be very difficult and even dangerous work and requires a license. You need to learn about electrical science. You also need to work as an apprentice for four years. Омӯзед, ки чӣ тавр ба become an electrician.

Watch a video about the job of electrician

Are construction and repair jobs right for me?

The number of construction and repair jobs is growing. But not enough people are trained. If you can train in a construction or repair skill, you will always be able to find work. About one-quarter of construction and repair jobs in the USA are held by immigrants. This means that speaking more than one language can be an important skill.

Some repair workers help people by going to their homes to do repairs. If you like helping people, these jobs would suit you. Other repair workers have to respond quickly and work 24 hours a day when emergencies happen. You also may need to do hard physical work and work outside in cold or hot places.

Construction jobs can be dangerous because you might be working with heavy machines or may have to stand on tall buildings. These jobs suit people who are physically fit and quick.

Дар куҷо кор оғоз ман?

For many construction and repair jobs, your employer will train you on the job. You can start looking for a job right away.

Омӯзиш ва малакаҳои

For other jobs, you can get training or certification at a community college. Пайдо кардани коллеҷи ҷомеа наздикии шумо. You can also find training as an apprentice. Find apprenticeships with CareerOneStop.

Чӣ мешавад, агар ман аллакай дар кишвари дигар роҳхат?

If you have technology qualification or a degree from another country, Upwardly Global кӯмак муҳоҷирони кор ваколатдор, гурезањо, asylees, ва дорандагони раводиди бозоғоз намоед мансаб касбии худ дар Иёлоти Муттаҳида.

Боз чӣ кор ман бояд?

Оғози ҷустуҷӯи кор

Use a job center: Government employment centers are free. Онҳо пешниҳод маслиҳат ва нигоҳ доштани рӯйхати ҷойҳои маҳаллӣ. Онҳо бо дубора ва барномаҳои корӣ кӯмак. Онҳо метавонанд ба шумо ба омӯзиши кор ва маориф пайвастшавӣ. Пайдо наздиктарин маркази шуғли худ.

Search online: IHireConstruction is is a job website for agriculture maintenance, construction, and repair jobs. You can also look at popular job search websites such as indeed.com ва monster.com.

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