June is a month for us to come together

June is a month for our community to come together to celebrate, listen and reflect upon the many milestones and histories of our collective, yet diverse, experiences.

June is both Immigrant Heritage and Pride month. Woven together they affirm our obligation as a country to uphold the dignity of all people, with a more equitable America. Our stories weave through dark times and good, with resilience and determination threading the way as we celebrate who we are, our achievements and what each of us offers in our America.

In June we also celebrate Juneteenth on June 19th and World Refugee Day (WRD) on June 20th. We commemorate the ending of slavery and honor the experience of refugees worldwide in one weekend. There is a heaviness in these stories that we must make space for and acknowledge but it also brings an opportunity for us to unite for a more just America.

We have come so far together, with so much further we can still go.

In Unity, The USAHello Team

Honoring Refugee Fathers

This year World Refugee Day lands on Father’s Day, and in honor, we share two stories highlighting the unique positivity that guided two men to leave their home countries and build new lives.

Jawala Regmi and Said “Jilib” Bulle are both refugees, fathers, and optimists; please visit our blog Immigrant Voices to learn more about their journeys, find motivation in Jawala’s perseverance and enjoy the art Said brought from Africa to Vermont.

Jawala Regmi

Click here to read more about this refugee, father, and teacher, his journey to escape from political persecution in Bhutan, and the motivation that kept him going.

Said “Jilib” Bulle

Click here to know the story of a war refugee, father, and artist from Somalia who brings the music of his country to Vermont through his group A2VT (Africa to Vermont).

Now offering citizenship test questions & answers in 15 languages

Our citizenship test questions page has had over 182k page views this year alone! This resource is helping individuals prepare for their test by offering a downloadable PDF of the questions in English and their native language to help them study. 2008 version languages now include Japanese, Thai, Nepali, Polish, and Urdu along with Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Swahili, Persian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Audio option coming soon!

Policy Updates

  • TPS and applying for a green card
    • On June 7, 2021, the Supreme Court ruled that TPS holders cannot apply (under most circumstances) for a green card if they entered the U.S. without inspection at the border. This ruling does not impact your TPS status. It is still valid until the expiration date.
    • If you are a TPS holder and entered the U.S. with a visa and then overstayed your visa, you can still apply for a green card.
  • TPS Haiti

    • A new designation for Haiti has been announced. It applies to Haitians who have been in the U.S. since May 21, 2021.
    • Information also available in French/Français.
  • TPS Burma (Myanmar)
    • DHS announced that Burma citizens in the USA are now eligible to register for TPS. It will be effective for 18 months, from May 25, 2021, to November 25, 2022.
    • Information also available in Burmese/မြန်မာစာ.
  • US Visas processing has restarted.

USAHello is now on Whatsapp

We know there are many ways to communicate these days and want to make sure you can reach us in the way you prefer. We are happy to announce we are now available on Whatsapp. We can also still be reached on FB messenger and via email to [email protected].

USAHello is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our work is made possible by the generous contributions of foundations and individuals like you.

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